Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Google Search Defaults To Wrong Country TLD in Opera

Opera 10.0 on OS X remembers the non-default country specific google TLD the first time Google redirects it to such a TLD. Having recently visited Australia, my Google search from the toolbar was stuck on; clearing cookies and private data didn't help with that.

The culprit is the following line in ~/Library/Preferences/Opera Preferences:

$ cd ~/Library/Preferences/Opera\ Preferences/
$ grep -r 'TLD Default' *
operaprefs.ini:Keyboard Configuration={Resources}defaults/standard_keyboard.ini
operaprefs.ini:Mouse Configuration={Resources}defaults/standard_mouse.ini
operaprefs.ini:Show Default Browser Dialog=0
operaprefs.ini:Google TLD

All it takes to restore the default google TLD (the US one, in my case) is to quit Opera and remove the highlighted line in operaprefs.ini. Due to this browser's cross-platform nature, it's likely that same approach will work on Windows and Linux. Hopefully it will save some traveller a bit of head scratching.

The ~/ refers to your home folder, it a Unix equivalent of Windows's %USERPROFILE% environment variable.

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  1. Thanks a lot! Mine was stuck in Germany :)