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Both INCLUDEPATH and DEPENDPATH are usually needed in qmake .pro project files.

qmake, the build tool provided with the Qt toolkit, converts project files written in its own mini-language to platform-specific Makefiles.

This process includes adding necessary dependencies to the Makefile, so that changes in source files trigger rebuilding of the outputs that depend on said sources.

If your project is spread across directories, you'll likely add an INCLUDEPATH line to your .pro file so that the #include directives look sane -- say #include "library/foo.h" instead of #include "../library/foo.h". This can be done by adding INCLUDEPATH += "../" to the .pro project file.

This, by itself, doesn't cause the files in include directories to be treated as dependencies. This is a sane default, since you likely don't want to rebuild your whole project if a system library changes -- assuming, of course, that the library is meant to stay binary compatible between releases!

Thus, if any of your source files references a file from somewhe…

Zultys WIP2 WiFi Phone with Asterisk

I have recently brought up an Asterisk extension on a Zultys WIP2 WiFi phone. The process had a few minor glitches, but I was able to resolve them all.

The system consists of:

Zultys WIP2 wireless phone,HP Procurve AP530 wireless access point,HP Procurve 2625PWR managed Ethernet switch,a server running CentOS 5 with asterisk- from atrpms.First of all, Zultys only provides manuals/firmware to their products in their knowledgebase. You have to sign up to use that. Even so, WIP2 was missing from that list. I have ~20 ZIP 4x4 phones also running off the 2625PWR switch, and their firmware/manuals are available in the KB. I emailed their support, and they quickly responded with the manual and 1.0.12 firmware. The phone had 1.0.3 installed.

I added a separate VLAN on a separate IP network just for the WIP2 phone and configured everything accordingly. Since WIP2 only supports WEP, it's not really secure, so I treat that VLAN as untrusted and only open up the SIP port on the server…