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Using samba 3.6 with RHEL 6 and SELinux (OBSOLETE)

Update 2: No, it doesn't work with sernet samba, but I'll look at where it fails; perhaps I need a relabel.

Update 1: This used to be a problem when RHEL 6 came out. They have since updated the samba policies and it now works out of the box.

I have a default installation of RHEL 6, yet want to use samba 3.6 from sernet on it. This doesn't work -- nmbd gets killed by the samba selinux policy installed on RHEL 6.

A simple workaround is to change the smbd_t policy to permissive, this way you can investigate and create an additional policy module to fix it (admittedly I never bothered, RedHat fixed their policy to work with samba 3.6).

# semodule -d sambagui # semanage permissive -a smbd_t
# semanage permissive -a nmbd_t # semodule -l | grep '[sn]mb'
# should show permissive_[sn]mbd_t...

A somewhat more overreaching, and thus not recommended, workaround was to disable the samba policy modules:

# semodule -d sambagui
# semodule -d samba
# semodule -l | grep samba
# should show s…